I offer a variety of services in connection with the final publication of articles and books.


Starting with a simple text file and illustrations
(if desired), I will generate complete manuscripts
that are ready for printing. Programs used include Adobe PageMaker, InDesign and Quark Express. Illustrations to be included can be submitted either as electronic files (TIFF, AI, FH etc.) or as hard copy. The final product are PDF files adhering to your printer's specifications, which can then be submitted directly to the press.

Examples of typeset books


Tired of indices that just do not work? Entries that lead to a single word out of context? I was, and so
I decided to offer indexing as part of my services. Being an archaeologist myself is a very big advantage, as I will not need to be told about
every single desired entry. I will construct a basic archaeological index that then can be fleshed out according to your specifications and special needs.
Offered as part of the full publication package with typesetting or without.

Examples of Indexed books


This is the newest addition to my services. The specialized jargon of archaeology and osteology
can be quite challenging for translators who have
no prior experience in these disciplines. I offer translations from English to German, German to English, French to English and French to German. Although I have not been trained formally in translation, I am fluent in all three languages.

Examples of my work can be found in the forthcoming exhibition catalog Persiens Antike Pracht. Bergbau - Handwerk - Archäologie.
Issued by the German Mining Museum.

Typeset and Indexed Books

D.R. Clark and V.H. Matthews (eds.), One Hundred Years of American Archaeology in the Middle East (American Schools of Oriental Research 2004).
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B.A. Nakhai (ed.), The Near East in the Southwest: Essays in Honor of William G. Dever (ASOR Annual 58, American Schools of Oriental Research 2003).
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Indexed Books

M.K. Hartwig, Tomb Painting and Identity in Ancient Thebes, 1419 - 1372 BCE
(Bibliotheca Aegyptiaca, Eisenbrauns 2004).
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