I was trained in Biological Anthropology and Osteology at Tübingen University, where I also worked during my studies as assistant curator of the Osteological Collection.

Experience in the field was gathered mainly in the Middle East (Syria, Egypt).


Processing of skeletal remains

Excavation, anatomical analysis, sex and age determination, palaeopathology, measurements (reconstruction of breaks if necessary) and recording of data.

Further analysis

Quantitative analysis (where applicable), illustration of the analytical results (tables, graphs, graphics), interpretation of mortuary data within the archaeological context, regional and extra-regional comparisons, and interpretation within a geographical and chronological framework.

Field work

Tell Banat (Syria)

Analysis of the Early Bronze Age skeletal remains from the intramural tombs, including the elite burial Tomb 7, and the large burial tumulus called the White Monument.

Tall Bderi (Syria)

Osteological and archaeological analysis of the burials from the settlement (EBA and later).

Kom al-Ahmar / Sharuna (Egypt)

Analysis of skeletal remains and partly mummified bodies from the necropolis (Old Kingdom through Late Dynastic) and the Early Coptic church and hermitage graveyards.


Formen der Bestattung und anthropologische Archäologie - ein Überblick. Altorientalische Forschungen 27.1, 2000, 162-166.

Unter Böden und in Töpfen: Bronzezeitliche Bestattungen aus Tall Bderi.
To appear in the final publication of the Tall Bderi Excavations (Vol. 1; by P. Pfälzner).

Tell el-Abd Grab 1.
To appear in the final publication of the Tell el-Abd Excavations (by U. Finkbeiner).